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Queen of La La Land
12 December 1980
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I think that I have been through it all. I pretty much love life, even though it's either raining or snowing in it all of the time. I've just learned to take it in stride. Singing and dancing are what I like to do when I get the chance, and that could be why I am an MTV junkie. I swear, my TV is on MTV almost all of the time. I also enjoy anything artistic or colorful, which is why my makeup is a big deal to me. I am a total MAC addict!!! Socializing is a big part of my life, so the bar scene is a lot of fun for me and I have met some really cool people online. I have lived here in Amarillo my whole life with my mother and brother, and I am so ready to move that I can hardly stand it. Anyway, that is me. I am a lot of fun most of the time, whether or not anyone else thinks so. :)